How We Have Helped 1001 People since 2017 To Lose Excess Fat, Build Body-Altering Muscle and Gain Life Changing Confidence While Still Eating A Takeaway, Having A Beer And Only Spending 3 Hours Per Week In The Gym
Meet Mike.

I wasn't sure if he was being serious or not the first time I spoke to him.

My first conversation with him was memorable.

He managed to sum up his situation perfectly.

A situation that everyone else I had spoke to was in but didnt quite put it as well as Mike.

He had never been a 'Gym Guy' but when he first reached out to us he had been getting himself in the gym regularly for near on a year and hadn't seen the results his efforts merited.

His goal was pretty simple and one everyone must have thought about at some point:

He wanted to be able to go on a lads holiday and not feel an idiot when he took his shirt off at the pool or on the beach.

At the time he was working for Autoglass which meant he could be sent anywhere aorund the North West so nutrition was a problem.

To make it worse he DJ'd Friday and Saturday every week meaning he wasn't spending his spare time in an environment naturally connected to stripping fat and developing a physique for the beach.

After the pleasantries on the phone he said,

"I need help, I'm willing to put the effort in but I am not giving up my food, I love it too much.

I could be all over the place with work so my diet is a nightmare. I don't have a microwave or any decent food to hand and if they send me out of Manchester I am getting myself a milkshake from McDonald's on the way out as a treat.

I love a Greggs, I have a curry every week and I DJ so I get smashed twice a week and get a McDonalds after it.

I've tried to clean my evenings and I've been going to the Gym but I haven't seen any real benefit because in truth I don't know what I am doing so just keep doing the same thing.

Can you help?"

His situation was familliar to 100's who had been through Platform's systems before him and who had started off where he was and achieved exactly what he had asked for:

-A training program he enjoyed that made him want to turn up and be coached through it so he didn't feel like an idiot not knowing what to do.

-A diet plan that didn't involve cutting his beloved curries or Greggs and still included a beer while DJing

-And wrapping all that together so he looked epic on the beach that summer

So how did he get on after he started?

He still had his curries every week, he still had a drink DJing on the weekend and his results?

They speak for themself.

How 1001 people just like Mike around Tameside have shredded their excess fat, built muscle to be proud of and finally taken control of their mind at Platform... 
...All without painful super low calorie diets, ridiculous milkshake meal replacements, hours of boring cardio, or having to live in the gym everyday. 
Everyone we work with has achieved results eating the foods they love and with as little as 2 or 3 hours in the gym each week.

Add to that our diet plans allow for a night out in the pub (often sinking a beer in the gym after a great workout), doesnt make our members live out of tuppaware eating different foods to everyone else around them and still allowed them to make incredible progress.

What's life without having some fun?

It doesnt mean we can't get epic results - if anything it makes the results we get easier to achieve and better than elsewhere
How do Platform's methods get results in as little as 4 weeks yet still allow the flexibility of not feeling like you're on a diet?
Before we reveal why our methods work and provide undeniable proof we need to look at the reasons why other services simply DO NOT WORK
The Problem With Traditional Open Gyms

When you decide 'right that's it I need to sort myself out' the first thought then is usually to find a gym or go back to the one you are currently a member at and haven't attended for months.

Traditional gyms are an archaic way of getting fitter - you are only paying for the right to walk through the door and rent the use of equipment form a place that more often than not you have no idea how to use.

They don't provide you with what you need to get results.

Think of it like buying a kit to make a cak that only gives you the pans with no recipe or ingredients to use.

Paying for a traditional open gym membership is like buying the pans.

On top of that, when you do want to use it there are 1000 other people waiting to use it at the same time.

Assuming you do actually manage to get on the equipment, what happens then?

What program are you following?
What exercises are you doing that day?
How many sets will you be doing?
How many reps will you be doing?
Why have you decided that, does it match your goal and does the latest science reinforce your decision?
Will you be supersetting? If not, why not?
What intesnity will you be working at?
What will your reps in reserve be?

Are you sure you are performing the exercises correctly?

Once all that is nailed what happens when you are injured or your goals change?

How does it change then?

What about when your training partner doesn't make it or motivation is low?

Or do you find working out the answers to all those questions so overwhelming that you jump on the cross trainer again?

It is the viscious cycle and lack of support that has seen a large proportion of those we have helped in 2019 jump ship from the budget gyms and become a Shark in Platform.

Being a Shark (member of Platform) is more than renting equipment to use.

It is more than 'just' being coached by our team.

It is the freedom of having a powerful session delivered where you feel in control with quality equipment you haven't had to wrestle over to use.

It is the community of fellow Sharks that support your journey.

Those that have walked the path before you offering adivce, support and encouragement.

They even offer the rarest thing seen in a gym... a smile. Our members will go out of their way to make you feel at home, after all they were new once too and the members before them made them feel welcome so they will go out of their way to help.

I've not even monetioned the nutrition support we provide that maps out exactly where you have always gone wrong and unlocks the ability to not balloon back up in weight and even enjoy a beer while getting shredded.

It is all this and more what seperates us from the open gyms and these are the reasons they are failing people time after time.
If Open Gyms Aren't Going To Help Then Surely A Bootcamp Or A Bunch of Fitness Classes Would Be A Good Idea, Right?

Some will understand that open gyms don't provide the support they need so will opt for a bootcamp or a place running fitness classes.

Although they have the potential to provide you a better session than you would get in an open gym they still lack critical components if long term progress is what you are after.

For starters they are generic, low quality sessions designed to get lots of people in and out with basic exercises performed to loud music and flashing lights.

There is no personalisation to your goals, nothing to hold you accountable or answer your questions and nothing to support you outside the gym.

When long term progress is what you are after, as in feeling and looking great whatever the occasion, then generic support with basic exercises and flashing lights just wont cut it.

It is the all encompassing 24/7 support and the plan that surrounds the rest of your life that will provide the everlasting great feeling inside.

With bootcamps and ftiness classes typically providing you support for 3-5 hours of a 168 hour week thats only 1.7% of your week they are helping you with.

What happens during the other 98.3% of your week?

It is likely that the other 98.3% is what you are currently missing out on and joining a low quality generic bootcamp wont solve that.

In Platform our training is PERSONAL.

We match your goals to our programs and provide you a bulletproof plan to follow outside the gym.

We have no restriction on only being with us once or twice per week, you get as much access as you need.

There is no extra to pay for our help, it is one fee, you don't pay extra per session.

And you get access to our full system - our in house nutritionist, our physio's, our coaches, our state of the art InBody scanner, the MyZone system, our community and our events.

We support you 100% of the time - not less than 2% of your week.

It is THIS that has allowed us to help 363 so far in 2020 to literally have thier cake and eat it while getting shredded.

OK, fair enough I'll get a 1-2-1 PT then!

The next step would be to jump onboard with a 1-2-1 PT then right?


There is a good reason why a huge chunk of those 363 people who joined us left the PT's that were failing them to be supported by our powerful service.

For starters it is expensive what you get.

If we looked at what a 1-2-1 PT would charge for JUST the PT sessions themselves you'd be paying £360 per month for the equivalent membership in Platform.

Not only is that over 200% more than we charge for the equivalent access but it also doesn't include all the other access we provide such as our in-house nutritionist, our physios, unlimited access to  130+ Team Training sessions per month, nutrition support, our online resources, the workshops, accelerators, seminars and events we run on top of the PT sessions.

Due to the nature of how 1-2-1 PTs operate not only are they much more expensive than our service you are also limited to the times you can train and you get fixed in to one time slot.

Not with our service, we have a super flexible booking system that works around you - you choose when you train and book it in.

You are in control. It is perfect for busy mums, shift workers, night workers and everyone in between.

With Platform we take care of everything you do and the whole service is tied together.

Our nutrition support is tied in to your training we provide and the plan we create for you outside the Gym compliments both of those meaning no guesswork, no confusion and that success is guaranteed.
Well then I will just stick to the Weight Watchers/ Slimming World/ Slimming Clubs!

The final option most people would go for before joining Platform is the slimming clubs such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

There are a number of issues with these services, the first of which is why we want our program to be different.

Slimming clubs work on NOT revealing the process of fat loss so that you always have to be in their service to lose weight.

You may lose some weight with them but they work on the fact that you always have to be in their service to lose weight.

They confuse you with Points and Syns to hide the real system behind fat loss and this system is the one we will reveal to you.

You will feel the enlightening moment during our service of understanding there are no bad foods, you can still eat ice cream and lose fat and understanding how you can go out on a weekend and STILL shred fat, just like Mike did.

We don't want you to be confused by random Syns, we want you to be in control of fat loss so it becomes as easy as turning on a tap.

Add to that that most slimming clubs recommend you don't exercise as part of the fat-loss routine and the outcome you achieve is Skinny-Fat.

You will lose fat but also muscle so your physique wont actually change appearance, you will just become a smaller version of your current self.

We track this progress scientifically so we aren't just guessing at what happened. We don't just use scales like slimming clubs.

Scales don't tell you if you have lost fat, they tell you your relationship to the ground, they tell you you have lost weight not fat, there is a big difference.

We will regularly see members shred 5lbs of fat but see no change on the scales because of a change in body water and a gain of muscle.

But members in Platform aren;t left to guess if they are going in the right direction - our high-tech state of the art body scanner does the work for us to give accurate in-depth results on fat loss and muscle gain.

In Platform we focus on the science of physical and mental change - not just fat loss.

We will have all the building blocks in place to consistently shred fat AND develop muscle so the outcome is a physique you are proud of.

Over 800+ Success Stories and Counting - Will You Be Next?

These results have been achieved over different time frames and are displayed to show you what is possible in Platform - one thing they all have in common is that all of these guys started with one of our Foundation programs.

We didn't always produce the incredible results that we produce now - we used to be just like everyone else...
It was a long journey over the last 3 years where we unlocked a few secrets and eventually cracked it and so far in 2020 we have helped 363 people shred fat while enjoying a takeaway.

The problem was that I was the trainer who 'knew it all'.

I used to think I knew EVERYTHING about training and nutrition.

I spent 6 years at university and spent a number of years working with World Class coaches where I learned about the intricacies of program design and the ins and outs of exercise.

Why you would choose certain exercises for one goal and not others.

How one exercise performed in three slightly different ways will elicit three different results, each relevant to a different goal.

Six years being swallowed up by the professional sport machine and spat out the other end.

I thought I knew it all.

The problem was I got sick of working in the industry.

I loved working with people but the fun was dragged out of it in the professional environment in elite clubs.

It was long unforgiving hours where if the team won the manager got a pat on the back, if they lost it was S+C's fault.

I'd had enough of the environment but I loved working with people so I set up on my own in my first facility.

That was my first mistake.

Training people was one thing but running a business?

I didn't think about that one bit.

Sure I could train athletes, but general population?

That should be easier, right?

Big difference.

I didn't know that at first though.

That was my second mistake.

Athletes are paid to be there, like it or not it has to be done.

Sure they might moan and whine about that textbook bland strength and power program put in front of them but they got it done because the reward was massive.

Fame and fortune awaits.

Put that same textbook program in front of your average person andddddd they don't like it.

Sure it will get them results, but they have to stick at it.

I soon realised the people in front of me were different - their programs didn't need to just be textbook results driving machines anymore.

They needed to be enjoyable, they needed to be fun and people need to WANT to come in - they weren't being paid to be there, it was the other way around.

Let me set the scene...
It's a grey Wednesday.

George has been up since 5am when a screaming 6 month old made him leap in to action.

He settles the little one, gets ready for work and tackles the miserable Manchester traffic.

He arrives at work and battles with co-workers for 9 hours before he tackles the miserable Manchester traffic once more.

All he wants to do is go home and get his feet up but he doesn't - he wants to feel better about himself and he was paying me to help him.

He see's his son for 30 minutes and heads back out the door.

He rocks up with me at 7pm.

He is tired and frustrated and I put this in his face:

Back Squat 4x5 at 82.5% 1RM
Pull Ups 3x6 @ 80% 1RM
Stiff-Legged Deadlift 3x8 @ 75% 1RM
Bench Press 3x6 @80% 1RM

Explosive Plyometrics and Core to finish.

He asked me to help him look better and feel stronger so I wrote a program to match.

I couldn't work out why he didn't come back after his first month.

I realised the textbook doesn't always work.

"Knowing what the textbook says is important but knowing how to use it is a whole different thing"

I realise that now but I didn't then.

This is the reason why so many other service and online programs fail those who go through it.

They rigidly stick to the textbook and blame their clients when they can't hack it.

This cycle repeated over and over for the next 6 months or so.

Stuck in my ways with 100% certainty in what I was doing.

I was getting zero results but of course it wasn't my fault, 'these guys just aren't ready for me' I thought.

I'll be honest I don't know what the turning point was but I started to realise it was me who wasn't ready.

Bit by bit I altered my programs and deviated from the textbook.

I had to I couldn't carry on.

I changed some things that went completely against conventional wisdom.

Having a beer... training less...

Something crazy happened

"People started to get BETTER results"

I couldn't believe it.

I was moving away from what I had learned and here I was getting better results than before and people were sticking around for the long haul.

It was a baptism of fire as my first gym was like a revolving door of shit programs and bored members.

Now years on from that baptism of fire all of us in Platform have shifted our emphasis.

Sure you will get results but we will have a lot of fun doing it.

We package our results in an envelope of fun.

We have spent time researching different methods, learning from new people and opened up our capabilities.

We haven't turned our back on the science but we have developed the system of sprinkling that into the session laced with enjoyment that shows people what they are capable of.

A real coach will get you results with  sessions you can't wait to attend.

To be honest that is the biggest and most difficult part of the equation - making you enjoy the process.

The thing is if we tick that box the rest of it falls in to place.

Two things to think about to get success in your health and fitness hourney.

1. If you don't enjoy eating it then don't eat it.
2. If you don't enjoy doing it then don't do it.

If you are going to succeed then you need to have fun and enjoy it.

Don't be the stubborn idiot I was thinking you gotta do what you gotta do, it just isn't the case.

You CAN do exercise you enjoy, eat ice cream, drink alcohol and make all the progress you want.

You just need to set the textbook a side and learn how.

Make sure you are having fun and you are 90% of the way there, the other 10% is knowing the bits you still need to do to make progress.

Make sure you having fun and you are 90% the way therem the other 10% is knowing the bits you still need to do to make progress.

The journey we have been on is proof of that.

From the very first New Year program we launched way back at the end of 2015 that was the start of us moving away from the textbook and seeing the power it has on people when we started trying our new ideas.

From that we launched our incredibly successful Womens Only Weightlifitng laster in 2015 until 2017 when it actually became so popular we ended up cancelling the workshop as the ladies who lifted with us wanted more access to what we did, more than the workshop intended as they all moved in to memberships.

After the success of the previous two programs we launched our Strength Camp which was the first time we added in our nutrition support program alongside the training we had become known for.

The results were exceptional, so much so that those who joined the program begged us to run it again so we ran it back to back from 2017 to 2018.

In 2018 we decided to make this style of support a permanent feature.

We took everything we had learned coaching the hundreds of people in the years previous and developed a program that would transform you from lost, confused and unhappy to absolutely in control of your motivation, your health and your well-being.

It has become a monster of a program and in 2020 it has transformed 363 people so far, even through all the Lockdowns and closures thrust upon us through Covid.

With everything that has happened in 2020 we have decided we are only going to run one final intake of this year...

Enrolment is now open for the final intake of this year starting on December 5th

So what can you expect from the 28 Day Foundation Program?

Powerful Training and Nutrition systems that Guarantee Results

We are that confident in our training and nutrition systems and the amount of people that we have already helped that if you apply today and commit yourself to our training and nutrition systems and you don't get results then you will get our Action Takers Money Back GUARANTEE - you have absolutely nothing to lose ... apart from body fat.

8 Small Group Personal Training sessions (Value £160)

You will get 8 Small Group Personal Training sessions with our coaching team (which we think is the best coaching team around). We will take care of every aspect of your training - provide a program that matches your goals and coach you through it every step of the way to create real long-lasting changes to your body.

Access to 132 Team Training sessions (Value £99)

On top of your personal training sessions you will have access to our unique blend of HIIT, Strength, Core, Hybrid and Boxing sessions. Designed to compliment your PT and accelerate your progress. 

28 Day Foundation Seminar (Value £75)

To kick things off before the program even begins we will be taking you through the Foundation Seminar where we will be laying out what you need to do to get results and keep them for life. It will be a nutrition grounding where we will highlight all the things you have got wrong previously, busting myths and creating you an individual plan to attack from day . 

COVID Secure Gym (Value Peace of Mind)

We have always operated with a focus on being spacious and providing quality so this is nothing new to us. We have always used a booking system and had exceptional cleaning standards.

We have added a one way system, extra cleaning procedures, you are never more than 3 metres from a sanitation station, you'll use your own equipment and everyone has plenty of their own space to train in.

You can rest assured you'll be in the safest environment to train in Tameside. 

Nutrition Course and 4 weeks of on-going diet support (Value £179)

Once you have your Foundation Plan in place you will have access to our secret results generator: our 4 Week Nutrition Course and the Platform Check In system. We will work out where you have gone wrong in the past and come up with a bulletproof plan that suits your life, doesn't make you give up your social life or tie you to the kitchen but helps you to melt fat and enjoy everything you eat.

Body Composition Analysis on our InBody270 (Value £98)

We will scan you at the start and the end of your Foundation on our state-of-the-art body composition analysis machine used by hospitals and healthcare professionals. We get incredibly in-depth and detailed results that will tell us exactly how we need to alter your body fat levels and muscle mass in order to get you the kind of progress you want and direct future progress. We own the only one for general use in the area and it is included as standard in the Foundation Program.

Members Area with recipe guides and meal ideas (£35 per month)

We wont only be supporting you when you are inside Platform - you will have access to both our members area on the website and our online community Team Platform. They are full of home and core workouts, recipes and meal ideas so your progress is never cut short. We wont just tell you how much to eat and when - we will provide you recipes you enjoy to make it tasty too.

Goal Tracking and Monitoring (Value Priceless)

We will be setting goals, working out a trianing and nutrition program to suit and tracking the whole progress both on the gym floor and in your body composition in your very own Personal Development Program.

Coaching Team on hand when you need them (Value priceless)

Normally when you join a gym your left with hundreds of questions that need answering to help you make progress. You're left wondering whats best to do and end up going around in circles getting nowhere.

Not in Platform. Any questions about anything that pop up and you'll have the coaching team (and other members) on hand to support you and set your straight as soon as you need.

No guesswork, just straight simple progress.

Access to a private gym (Value priceless)

Thats Platform by the way - this means no waiting for equipment, no dickheads, no intimidation.

Discounted MyZone Belt (Value £50)

Get access to the powerful MyZone system in use in Platform to get in-depth live Heart Rate analysis and a detailed breakdown of your session with a £50 saving off the retail price.

Action Takers Money Back Guarantee

Take action and apply today and you will get our Action Takers Money Back Guarantee - commit to the training and embed yourself in our systems and we will give you every penny back if you dont get results.

Thats a total value of £696

But we arent going to charge you that


Secure your spot today and we will throw in TWO Huge Bonuses

Our 28 Day Foundation Program costs just £299 £199 £157

Apply today, speak to our team and secure your spot and we will:

Bonus 1. We will give you immediate access to Platform Anywhere, our Online Service that keeps our members active, on track and smashing their health and fitness even when they aren't inside our 4 walls.

You'll get access to Online PT sessions, Online Fitness Sessions, Recipe Guides and Eating-Out Guides, access to our POWERFUL 4 Week Nutrition Course (our secret weapon to keep people on track for the long term - you'll get immediate access), you'll be Immersed into our Community Online and much more.

Bonus 2. We will include our 100% Money Back Guarantee (more below) - complete the program, follow what we say and if you make no progress with our methods we will give you every penny back.

100% Guaranteed.

That works out to just £39.25 per week or just one takeaway on a weekend or one PT session with a personal trainer.

For that you get everything you see listed above, Platform Anywhere immediately AND Guaranteed Results

That includes our Action Takers Money Back Guarantee - commit to the process and don't get any results and we will give you every penny back.

"What if I don't get results?"
We will give you every penny back.

This is how confident we are that we are the genuine solution for you

This is why we offer our Action Takers Guarantee

If you fully commit to our process, our training and our nutriton systems and dont see any progress

Then we will give you every penny back

You have nothing to lose except body fat

You may be wondering who on earth we are and why we should be running a program like this for you....
Simply put we are a Team dedicated to YOU.

We want to revolutionise how health and fitness is perceived and have a positive long-term impact on our area.

To date we have helped 800+ people to realise their health and fitness goals and set them up for a lifetime of progress.
We have helped members to reverse diabetes.

Enabled them the confidence to chase promotions.

Some have lost over 5 stone.

Others have packed on real muscle for the first time ever.

We have helped mums to feel confident wearing shorts or feel confident wearing a Bikini for the first time since giving birth after achieving things in the gym that have left our coaches feeling stunned.

We have shown Dad's that incredible results in the gym are still achievable and not as difficult as they thought - many achieving more in their 30's and 40's (and even 50's and 60's) than they did in their 20's.
Our team is dedicated to changing lives, challenging perceptions and smashing stereotypes.

We want to see you join the 800+ people before you in starting your own journey.

See what some of our current members say

"The results cant be argued with"

"I was a nervous wreck going to meet Mark. I was very low on confidence, wasnt very strong and was tired all the time.

The coaching helped me massively as I was clueless with weights.

The results cant be argued with, they are visible and noticeable. The support is great and helps me remain consistent. Dive in, it is about time you stopped swimming backwards"

Mel Sayers

"I've lost 3 stone"

"After losing over a stone on the scale and 5 inches off my waist in my first 28 days I knew that this place was what I needed to keep me on track and keep me physically and mentally together.

I wasnt wrong - now 8 months on from that first month I've dropped another 2 stone on top of that.

3 stone down and I've still had a drink and enjoyed shit food - for the first time I am actually enjoying the whole process of going to the gym"

Nick Taylor

"The support is just unbelieveable"

"I felt judgement at every gym before Platform - I was just let down by a lack of results.

They know how to make you feel amazing, thanks to the work you do and the work they do. The support you recieve is unbelievable from both coaches and members.

After losing 12 inches off my waist I'd have to say you have got to do it - you will not regret one bit of it, you will wish you had done it sooner."

Shauna Gray

       Still unsure?
"The biggest thing for me isn't just losing the weight it is being able to consistently manage it and keep it down"
"You will not regret being surrounded by these people"
"Before Platform I had a serious battle with my mental health"
"I started with the 28 day challenge and I've been there ever since"
"It is the community that has kept me coming for over three years now"
"I've had big achievements in a short amount of time"
"Before Platform I had really bad, unhealthy eating habits"

After you register a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours

What happens next?
Step 1 Click the button above to register interest for the 28 Day Foundation Program

Step 2 A member of our team will phone you within 24 hours to discuss the program

Step 3 Join our online community and take advantage of what we offer immediately

Step 4 Attend your online intro session and immerse yourself in what we do

Step 5 Feel the powerful benefits of what we do and change your whole approach to health and fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the sessions?

Sessions are available between 7am-10am and 5pm-8pm Weekdays and 10am-1pm Saturday.

We will guide you to which sessions suit your goals and you can choose when and what sessions using our app to book in which is super flexible.

How much does it cost and how do I begin?

The program costs £299 £199 £157 for 28 days of personal training support, nutrition support and results.

Simply click the register button above to be taken to the sign up form, register your information and a member of our team will be in touch in the next 24 hours.

When does the Foundation Program begin?

After chatting with our team if you decide to sign up we will book your intro session in with you (delivered online on Saturdays). Your 28 days begins from the Monday after.

Do I have to be fit already?

Not at all - this is what we are best at.  We will meet you where you are at in your first sessions and take it as easy as you need to get you through - our goal is to develop you and progress you, not bury you in to the ground!

No matter how you begin we will coach you to get fitter, stronger and leaner over the 28 days.

What happens after the 28 days?

After the 28 days you have the option of carrying on your progress on one of our memberships.

Basically it is up to you, carry on with us (which is what most people do) or shake hands and go our seperate ways.

Where is your gym?

We are based on Park Road in Dukinfield.

67 Park Road
SK16 5LX