Dean has been on a bumpy ride with us in Platform and right now he is on a serious roll. 

It has took us sometime to get there and their are lessons for everyone in Dean's journey with us.
Dean is a married 37 year old Sales Manager at Robinsons Brewery and father of two.

He has been a member in Platform for around 2 years 9 months.

Dean started being active from a young age first joining the gym when he was 14, from young he was keen to look after himself.

In Dean’s own words he was a “streak of piss who had the teenage desire to get shredded”.

After attending the gym for 3 years he joined the RAF with ambitions of becoming a pilot, due to being very slightly colourblind he ended up in logistics. He had always trained since being young but once he joined the RAF he felt like he had to train as part of his service, it was drummed in to him.

Even though he was training a lot in the RAF his lifestyle wasn't great. His diet was poor which meant he had gained a lot of size from being 14 years old but not necessarily all of it muscle.

"As part of the RAF I was heavily social playing Rugby League for them and all that comes with that.. Nights out, beers and socialising."

He served his term in the RAF and after coming out he joined up at budget local gyms. He actually found his diet improved when he left and he lost a lot of weight.

"I felt a need that I ‘should’ train because of having it drummed in to me because of my time served so I continued to exercise while trying to find something that worked for me outside of the armed forces."

He tried spinning, fitness classes and general gym workouts and in his own words “that was just so I could have some shit food and drink on a weekend”.

Over the years following he never really found anything that ‘worked’.

He had children which made things even harder.

He tried some PT courses which did help but nothing stuck.

Then one day Platform’s advert popped up and he decided to give it a go as another thing in search of something that would be a long term fix. 
 Dean with his wife Kate who also trains with us in Platform after they completed the Manchester 10k with a load of #TeamPlatform

He had just agreed to do a 6 day bike-ride across northern France for Help For Heroes and so wanted some more training to support that.

He trained with us for 6 months and then went away to do his ride.

It was a breeze.

The condition he had got himself into with us meant that the ride wasn’t a challenge at all.

He took a break from Platform after that ride firstly thinking he would go on to do something else.

Then one night he was on a night out and while pissed he realised he needed to return to Platform with the help of some Facebook banter from a Platform member.

Obviously he was pissed, no good story starts with a salad.

He realised that it was more than just the exercise that got him in shape - he realised that the social element of it was what had kept him exercising and gave him purpose in much the same way that the RAF and Rugby League did years before.

So with that he rejoined Platform, picked up were he left and since then Dean has made an incredible change both physically and mentally.

"I have made a big shift with exercise now that I am a bit older. Since Covid I have realised I train more for my Mental Health than anything.

The gym gives me structure to my life, much the same way the RAF did.”

He now he enjoys the structure and routine that the process of the gym gives his life as much as the progress he makes from it.

After years of searching for something that could continue the health and fitness journey he started at 14 years old Platform filled that void.   

Dean and the rest of #TeamPlatform who ran the Manchester 10k

Dean now does 5 sessions per week and often will do a double session with a PT session and a Team session back to back - something he couldn’t do at first!

In the time he has been with us he has gained a lot of strength and fitness and now he has a solid regular routine with purpose he has decided to drill down on his goals a little more and focus on improving his physique in the PT sessions.

“When I first started I wanted to be shredded and I now realise that that is nice but will take a lot away from my life that I don’t want to give up so now it is all about setting myself little goals with a coach to keep that motivation and enjoying the journey”.

Dean thinks that although other gym offerings do serve a purpose they will let most people down,

“Other gyms without the support Platform provides do serve a purpose but without real knowledge that the coaches have or the grit to keep going you aren’t going to get anywhere. I was the 20 year old idiot but now I’m older I know I need Platform”.

“Platform has been huge for me. If I didn’t find Platform I would be in a gym now and I’d just be doing curls”

“It takes time to go from where you want to be to to where you want to get to and that itself changes overtime, Platform is the best for that. It is flexible - whatever your goal is the service will support you, whether that’s to lose fat, build muscle or get more knowledgeable. The service will support you and even as your goals change over time the service will change to support that too”.

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