Michelle is one of the absolute superstars in Platform who has overcome huge obstacles to allow health and fitness to be a major part of her life, but before Platform it wasn’t always the case.
Michelle is a 27 year old Domestic Abuse worker and mum of one who has been a member in Platform for three years now.

She has a beautiful boy Alfie who was born completely blind. Alfie is a special wonderkid and we are frequently blessed with his visits to Platform to cheer his Mummy on or showing our coaching team his piano skills (which are ridiculously impressive).

Combining a full time career in a stressful job like supporting Domestic Abuse Victims and raising the cheeky chappy Alfie provides huge challenges to Michelle to fit exercise into her life but that didn’t stop her from trying to integrate it into her daily routine.

Before Platform she used to Run and like most people tried all the budget gyms and their fitness classes offerings. She went all over in search of something that would ‘keep her at it’.

After years of yo-yoing from Pure Gym to Active Tameside and all in between she decided she wanted to learn to get stronger. She had attempted weightlifting at the gyms she had been to previously but she just didn’t know what to do and every time she stepped on to the weights area she felt intimidated.

She saw the weightlifting and PT sessions in Platform and decided to contact us to give it a try.

“I was attracted to the fact I could learn to do weightlifting and it looked and felt nothing like the other gyms I’d been in. I was right, as soon as I went there and gave it a go I felt like I fitted right in with both coaches and members. I could feel the community straight away and how positive it was which was very different to Pure and all the others I’d been to”.

In other gyms Michelle used to be quiet and just keep to herself in the corner. Let us assure you, she IS NOT quiet in Platform.

She even has her own nickname - Batman. Her second name is Wain after all and I don’t know about you but I have never seen Michelle and Batman in the same room together.
"I no longer focus on the weight on the scales" - Michelle

“Life can be incredibly stressful, especially with the nature of my job and it was impacting my mental wellbeing - coming to Platform stops me from feeling so overwhelmed and gives me a clearer mindset”

In her own words now 3 years later she is physically the fittest and strongest she has ever been and she no longer focuses on her body weight.

“Through Platform I have learned to care more about my strength and my physical capabilities than a number on the scales. The other day in work I had to move a big sack of compost, one of my male colleagues asked if I needed any help just as I lifted it up and threw it over my shoulder, ‘No thanks’ I said.

That was one of them moments that made me think how far I had come but in all seriousness with Alfie being blind I did used to worry about how I would carry him as he got bigger and older - I don’t worry about that anymore.

I am a lot more confident since I joined.

I talk to more people and I deal with things better. When I joined Platform I had just started a degree in Psychology - I have now finished that and Platform 100% helped me to mentally complete it. I found myself applying for extra research and pushing myself further than I would have done when I was less confident.

Putting it simply- dealing with Domestic Abuse, Platform is a large part of my self care that allows me to do my job better”.

She went on to give an example in to how Platform actually gives her more confidence in everyday life:

“I was in Testing week and I had just lifted a 90kg Deadlift, it was a personal best and I was thrilled but the coach told me I could do more. I listened to him, put 100kg on and did it. I was thrilled - I had put a limit on myself that 90kg was enough but with the coaches support I did the 100kg and it is one of them simple moments that showed me I am capable of more than I think. That transfers from the gym and in to your life and makes you feel more confident day to day”.

"I think finding a health and fitness routine that works for you is as important as sleep" - Michelle
Having been a member for over 3 years now we wanted to understand how she managed to fit Work, Bringing up Alfie and doing her degree together in to a routine that allows her to go to the gym regularly.

“I aim for 4 sessions per week. I aim to do 2 or 3 PT sessions each week and then 1 or 2 cardio classes as well. On top of that I’ve also found a passion for hiking. I look forward to coming so now it is just a part of my routine. There is no dread there like I had in other gyms so it is just a part of my day now, I go to the gym.”

“For anyone who was like I was before I joined Platform I would say finding a consistent routine in health and fitness is the best thing you can do for yourself - honestly I think it is as important as sleep. I would say you just need to try new things until you find whats right. You can’t just carry on with something that fills you with dread.

Eventually I found a place I enjoyed weightlifting and I found a love for hiking. You just need to find your ‘thing’ and the rest will fall into place.

“Find that thing you don’t dread like I have with Platform and it can become a part of your day”.

If you would like to start on the journey that Platform Hero Michelle went on then you can follow her footsteps with our 28 Day Foundation Program here: