It Is Our Motto

The Fire That Keeps Us On Top


The fire that comes from our mantra is built in to the origins of Platform and it is that foundation that has created what is here today.

It all began in a McDonalds early one morning in December 2016...

In December 2016 coaches Mark and Ste took on a derelict building that had lay dormant for decades on Park Road in Dukinfield.

It had been used as storage for a local market trader and a new landlord had come in and wanted someone with a vision to use the incredible space to do something meaningful with it.

The Landlord could see the vision of what we wanted to create with Platform and agreed to let us give our project a go.

So after picking those keys up late at night in December 2016 Mark and Ste scratched out exactly how they wanted that vision to come to life.

That vision was to make health and exercise welcoming, simple and rewarding.

To empower normal everyday folk to make health and fitness a natural part of their life and to re-write what a fitness facility was capable of.

With it scratched out on paper they set to work... only along the way things got tough.

At the time both were doing further education at University in Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition respectively, both were working unrelated full time jobs to pay the bills and they were operating a small Personal Training unit in Ashton where they trained a handful of people.

Throw on top of managing all that renovating an abandoned building with a very small (non-existent) budget and you can see why things got tough.

At times the pair were really low, hands and bodies were physically broken from endless work and long days of 6am-12am (some nights 3am) were taking there toll.

Somewhere along the way Mark watched a documentary about Sharks.

It explained that Sharks were the top predators in the ocean and as part of that they couldn't swim backwards, they could only ever go forwards.

If something got in the way of a Shark it would either keep going forwards around it or attack it.

So to get through the rest of the build Mark and Ste adopted this philosophy..

Whenever things got tough they would remind each other


A reminder that if they want to get on top and stay on top they must always go forwards.

Fast forward to April 8th 2017 and Platform first opened it's doors.

The Sharks Dont Swim Backwards story was shared amongst the first members.

It captured the imagination.

To this day members are known as Sharks.

They will often remind each other that Sharks Dont Swim Backwards, send each other Shark Emoji's and when things get tough and remind each other to constantly keep swimming forwards.

Want to become a Shark?
Your future self will thank you.
The Platform Story
Day One, December 2016.

We had a big job on our hands.

We had no water, no electric, no ceilings, scabby walls, broken windows, no money, very little time but one powerful vision.

January - February 2017

We set about that vision one day at a time.

Clearing the space, scraping brick work, building walls, laying pipes and cables.

It was weeks before the building was safe for anyone other than builders to be inside it.

It was hard to see progress day to day but we kept a smile on our faces.

Especially when the water main and electric was installed - we immediately bought a kettle and that carried us through. 

  • Coach Stevo getting to work preparing the walls for painting - it was dusty dirty work!

  • Eventually this space became the changing rooms and toilet area.

  • We built every wall.. usually early morning around full time jobs, university projects and managing our small PT facility in Ashton.

  • Eventually this became our kitchen and social area

  • We reinforced the floors and installed vapour barriers to protect the training area.

  • Lots of the work was dusty, dirty and heavy but it moved us closer and closer to our vision every day.

  • Eventually this became our main entrance... it looks a bit better now!

  • Good times when we finally had both water and electric... it meant we could have a brew!

March - April 2017

Once it was safe for others to come inside friends and family flooded the site and helped us to paint.

As soon as the paint began to hit the walls it transformed the building but there was still so much to do.

At this point other people could begin to see what we were trying to create, before this they just thought we were mad!
  • We could never have opened when we did without the help of friends and family.

April 8th 2017

Working until 3am the night before we opened 3 months of work finally finished, our vision came to life and our doors opened.
October 2017

The Shark story captured members imagination and Shark's began to appear about the gym.

This one was brought in by a member who had seen it while out shopping and thought of us


April 2018

To celebrate being open for one year we threw a huge party to celebrate... and what a night it was!

A HUGE Beer Pong Championships broke out and we didn't finish until early morning.

The precedent was set for future parties!
January 2019

We hit max capacity in our space. We had no more room for members so we closed our doors, started a waiting list and began works on Platform 2.0 - our second floor expansion that would allow us to double our training area.
January - March 2019

The expansion took around 2 months to complete and similar to when we did the first floor it was lots of hard work but it was incredibly worthwhile.

  • We wanted to go with a striking colour theme that would match the natural beauty of the space

  • We installed powerful colour changing lighting to create the best atmosphere to workout in

  • With state of the art equipment, MyZone installed and a beautiful space we could elevate our support. 

March 2019

The first workout in 2.0!

Members were as excited to try it all out as we were to get it in action!
June 2019

Our first Platform Games.

What an incredible event it was!

Working in teams of 4 the Sharks battled it out to become the Platform Games winners in 8 events.

It has since become a bi-annual event running Summer and Winter each year.
January 2020

More upgrades in bound!

As we grew closer to full capacity even in our expanded space we remodelled our ground floor with a huge upgrade to improve member exeperience.

  • Delivery drop of new stuff!

  • A complete revamp in bound!

  • The very best custom equipment was installed

  • The first sessions being delivered in a new look space

2020 and beyond!

We have further plans for expansion and improving our space but ultimately we will be focusing on one thing.


We will be empowering all those who come to us and having tons of fun with the process as we aim to make taking care of health and well-being a normal part of everyday life.

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