Will You Be The Next Platform Hero? 

We believe health and fitness is for everyone.

We want to break the stereotype that 'the gym' is just for fat loss or for the 20 year old 'gym-bro' who lives out of tuppaware. 

Thousands if not millions of people have never experienced the power that a health and fitness routine can have on your life other than 'just' fat loss.

We have had members apply for promotions off the back of the confidence the gym has given them.

We have had members come off anti-depressants and completely reshape their mental state.

By bringing you closer to our members than ever we will be showcasing how diverse our member base is and showing the incredible ways they have changed their lives using health and fitness.

Hopefully along the way the stories will probe you and open your mind to ask yourself...

Could you be the next Platform Hero?

Learn about Platform Hero Michelle Wain

Learn about Platform Hero Dean Etchells

Learn about Platform Hero Jess Leavy
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